Imagine If You Had Direct Access To The Exact Business Plan Used By The Nations Leading Realtors…..
Now you do.....
From: Tim and Julie Harris
Friday 10:32am
WARNING: Reading this letter could cause you to gain truck-loads of money and outrageous success. Proceed ONLY if you want this kind of business. The information in this letter isn’t for everyone…..some agents will feel very uncomfortable with what you are about to read.
RECOMMENDATION: For the NEXT FEW MINUTES while your READ THIS LETTER, go ahead and turn off your phone, make sure you’re sitting comfortably in your chair, lock the door and eliminate any distractions. Actually, go ahead and PRINT THIS LETTER so you can make notes as your READ EVERY WORD.

First…a True Hollywood Story….about a treasure map..

I am sure you have seen the latest Indian Jones movie…
starring Harrison Ford.

Indian Jones is the timeless story of how possessing and following a map… a treasure map….will always lead you to incredible success..

What makes Indian Jones so great is that he always follows his map… his plan. And this plan always leads to amazing wealth.


This letter is about how you too can have your own ‘treasure map’

My question for you is…how much better would your LIFE be if you….like Indiana Jones…had a treasure map. A proven plan that leads to untold wealth.

Wealth not just in terms of only money….

……But, security and peace of mind…..

In other words, a plan that will allow you to feel a sense of safety and security that you may have never experienced before in your life.

Its time that you have a Business and Life plan that will uncover the ACTUAL and PROVEN strategies to use in your life to Rapidly and predictably increase your income year-in-year out…regardless of the ‘Housing Market’ or ‘Economy” .

The Real Estate Treasure Map© is the proven business and life plan used by thousands of Top Producing Realtors® across the country….

How much easier would it be if you had THE plan used by the the top selling agents, who had navigated the path of wealth creation so you could fast track your success and avoid the costly mistakes, yet capitalize on winning strategies? What would be possible for you? How much faster could you build wealth, security and attain true financial freedom….if you had the map?

Imagine waking up every day with the knowledge to multiply your income and profits whenever you chose and hearing those around you commenting how quickly YOU seize financial opportunities and nobody else even notices..

Imagine if you could walk into any real estate market….anywhere in the U.S…..and you possessed the exact wealth secrets of the rich and successful agents that affored you the luxuries and’ve always wanted…

How does that sound?

Can you picture a life of financial freedom – a life with no ‘bad’ debt, a life of ease where money works for you instead of you working for money? Do you know this is not only possible for others it is possible for you too? Are you currently struggling in your real estate business, feeling burnt out and are not experiencing the financial freedom you want without any clear vision of a future free of money worries?

Thousands of fellow agents who have broken through their own financial, personal and emotional barriers are the PROOF THAT WHAT I AM SAYING IS TRUE.

But before I reveal the details of how you too can quickly and easily have your own Real Estate Treasure Map I am going to tell you two true stories. These are actual, real-life stories about fellow Realtors……

The Story Of Two Agents

Bill is a veteran Realtor. After 20+ years in the real estate business Bill had pretty much..’Seen It all’. He is a Realtors-Realtor. There isn’t a house he couldn’t sell. Matter of fact, in the neighborhoods he specializes in he had sold almost every other house over his long career. Bill had successfully sold real estate through all the boom markets…and bust markets. In his market, in his office Bill is considered a ‘Top Producer’. He has all the plaques, awards and recognition to prove it. Matter of fact, Bill had served on various Real Estate boards and had earned a reputation as a honest and professional agent. Bill always looked great, lived in the most desirable neighborhood…had a lifestyle of someone who had clawed to the top of the mountain and was now enjoying the view….In other words…from the outside looking in….Bill was a successful Realtor.

But, Bill had a little secret…….

………He was living in constant fear…..fear that someone would learn his secret……..

Bill was flat broke. Worse yet…he had serious debt. He had filled in the gaps between closings by using up his home equity loan. His credit cards were all maxed from subsidizing his lifestyle while waiting for his next commission check.

Just in the last few months the news about Bill got even worse….

The money he was able to save and invest in his retirement account had gone ‘poof’……….his home was now worth less than his mortgage balance….and he just received a letter from his second mortgage company that his HELOC is now ‘Frozen’.

Bill’s ability to live on credit to ‘tide-over’ the lean times is over.

How does such a outwardly successful agent like Bill find himself in a situation like this? How is it possible that Bill doesn’t have the wealth, security and peace of mind after such a long and successful career?

HINT: According to the government 95% of all Americans will reach retirement age and NOT have enough money saved…wealth….to pay their bills. Nearly every American will retire and dependent on the Government…social security which barely pays $1000 per month on average….or a family member to survive. Think about that…for 95% of all American retirement will mean living a life of scarcity and lack…
in other words, the didn’t follow a map.

Does it make any sense to you that Bill wouldn’t have saved more money and created more wealth after 20+ successful years in the real estate industry?

What if Bill had a plan…a Real Estate Treasure Map…..a proven path to follow…….

How did Bill end up in this situation?

The simple answer, he did what nearly every other Realtor does. Bill never followed a plan.

Tell me if any of the ways Bill ran his business (and his life ) sound familiar to you…..

Bill didn’t think setting goals was important….

Bill believed that setting goals and following a plan takes too much time….

Bill would do what every other agent did…and only set goals at the beginning of the year….

Bill never wrote any goals down…

Bill never did any long term planning. He figured, “ Heck, I am a Top Producing Agent…..I will start saving with the…next deal”

Bill never followed any sort of a schedule…Bills philosophy was “work all the time and let the rest of my life work around the work”.

Bill prided himself on being a ‘Big Game hunter”. In other words, Bill was always looking for the next ‘Big Deal’. He believed that somehow….some day….a really big closing would happen that would pay off all of his debts and set him up for life…

Bill didn’t believe he actually needed a map…Afterall, Bill was a ‘Top Producer’ with loads of natural skill…why does he need to follow any sort of map?

Bill spent more than he earned….he had the lifestyle of a ‘Top Producer’..the gold Rolex, the new Mercedes…and the big McMansion behind the country club gates…..

As my Billionaire Friend Jim Duvall says…..Bill was all about…

…….”Big Hat and No Cattle”…….

I bet you know many fellow agents who are just like Bill.

Maybe, you are Bill.

Is it too late for Bill to grab his own Real Estate Treasure Map and get on the proven path to success?

WARNING: What I am about to say to you may feel very personal…perhaps too personal. Did you just read about Bill and now realize….your in the same boat as Bill? Have you been going merrily along for years doing as Bill does….not following a proven Real Estate Treasure Map? Chances are, you are now feeling very uncomfortable….and maybe want to toss this letter in the trash can…before you do…before you give up on yourself…..

Next, meet Lisa…

Lisa is a newer agent….having been in real estate for barely 3 years. But, unlike Bill….Lisa had been following Real Estate Treasure Map since she started selling real estate.

In Lisas first few years in the real estate business….selling in the worst real estate market in the history of the United States…. she had sold nearly 100 homes. She did this with little fan fair…not asking for any special attention or recognition from her broker. You see….unlike Bill….Lisa was following her own Real Estate Treasure map.

Lisa’s Treasure Map showed her the exact path to follow. She knew day in and day out exactly where she should be.

She didn’t experience the usual Realtor® ‘Night Sweats’ from not knowing where your next check was going to come from. She didn’t worry about the ‘normal Realtor® ups and downs in income…..Lisa had predictable and duplicable plan that gave her a sense of confidence…and freedom.

She had personal and business goals that she was now accomplishing with increasing ease.

Matter of fact in Lisa’s first few years in real estate she paid off nearly all of her debt. She had no credit card debt, no student loan debt…and she just paid off her 2 year old Acura.

The best part…Lisa had saved enough money to have a 90 day emergency fun…and fully funded her retirement accounts.

Is there any question that Lisa is going to have a very successful, wealthy and secure future?

If you were to ask Lisa…”What are your secrets?”….she would tell you simply……

“I created a plan…and I follow it.”

You see, Lisa had her very own Real Estate Treasure Map © .

Lisa disovered that there is a proven way to a life of fulfillment, happiness, gratitude and purpose. Lisa will tell you that she has a great life…and its just getting better and better. She lives life with a sense of purpose, she works normal business hours, travels when she wants to, giving back to children and communities in need.

And for Lisa, this is jus the start.

Lisa has discovered that by following her own Real Estate Treasure Map ®
she will always have the money and security….she feels happier, healthier and more relaxed.

Here is the point. THERE REALLY IS NO SECRET FORMULA FOR CREATING WEALTH, SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND. It isn’t sexy, exciting or get-rich-quick. (Well, actually, if you were to ask Lisa…she would tell you that following her plan IS exciting) Anyone can do it. All it takes is some focused time, help from someone who had done it and a willingness to never give up.

You can do that, right?

You may be listening to the little voice inside your head that is telling you it’s not for people like you, or you are not good enough, or you are too young, old, too whatever….that you are not a “natural sales-person’ or don’t have the right ‘contacts’…….that little voice will always give you the excuse you are looking for…..

Think of it this way….you will always need money…right?

So, why not create a business where you have plenty of it. Where money isn’t something that shows up in your life from time to time…but, a business where the money is created almost…on schedule. According to your Real Estate Treasure Map. Only you can decide.

Here is the best part…its never too late.

Remember Bill? You don’t need to worry about him, Bill is now following his own map….his own plan. You will be glad to hear that now that Bill has found and is now following his own Real Estate Treasure Map® he is now well on his way to turning his life around.

Sure, its going to take some serious effort and time to right the wrongs that Bill has created for himself over the years but, he will do it.

He is starting to feel confident again. The ‘fear’ that shadowed him for the past 20 years is now being replaced with sheer optimisim.

The kind of optimisim that only comes when you KNOW YOU ARE FINALLY ON THE RIGHT PATH.

Are you ready to do what Bill and Lisa have done…are you finally ready to take the control back?

I am giving you the map, showing you the path….are you ready to follow?

Lets clear the air about the 5 most common myths that Realtors® believe about setting goals and following a plan:

Myth #1: Goal Setting In Not That Important.
Reality : Success Requires Goals….no exceptions. A life of purpose and meaning needs goals…and a specific proven plan to achieve them. Success never happens by accident.
Myth #2: Goal Setting Takes Too Much Time and is Too Complicated.
Reality : How long it takes for you to reach your goals depends on the time you invested in strategy. Your greatest real estate successes will happen behind the scenes.
Myth #3: Goal Don’t Need To Be Written Down..You Can Keep Them In Your Head.
Reality : Written goals clarify and remind you about the path you are on. Write your goals down daily for even stronger reinforcement.
Myth #4: I will close a really ‘Big Deal’ and that will take care of all my financial worries?
Reality : There will never be just one ‘Big Deal’ big enough to take care of your financial needs. Its all the small transactions that slowly add up to something truly big.
Myth #5: I Am A Natural Sales Person..I Don’t Need To Follow Any Plan.
Reality : So, it the words of TV’s Dr. Phil……’How is that working out for ya?”
YES! I Want To Create My Own Real Estate Treasure Map
YES! I Understand that The Real Estate Treasure Map © system is only $47.
YES! I Understand That If I Am Not 100% Blown-Away Satisfied With The Real Estate Treasure Map © I Will Receive A No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee
YES! I Understand That The Entire Real Estate Treasure Map© System Will Be Delivered To Me To Download Immediately.

Here is exactly what you will get when you discover your own.....

Real Estate Treasure Map©

A Day-By-Day, Week-By-Week Proven 12 Month Plan.
Establish Your Core Values. Reconnect with what you believe, not what you have been ‘sold’ to believe.
Specific Written Down Goals. You will create specific written down goals for the 5 most important categories of your life.
Financial Security Plan. Your plan will start by clearing out the financial cob webs so you can finally get control of your money.
Wealth Building Plan. Follow in the footsteps of others…that’s what wealth building is all about.
Retirement Plan. In this day and age it seems like all the rules about retiring have changed. If you are getting started late in life or you are just out of college…its never too late or too soon.
Steaks In The Freezer Plan. Your Real Estate Treasure Map© will create for you the quickest path to stashing away your you never have to worry about not having enough money again.
Financial and Business Stability Plan. Do you actually believe that ‘Ups and Downs’ in your real estate income is just..part of the deal. Guess what, it doesn’t have to be.
Significance Plan. A plan in place for your exit from selling real estate…you really don’t have to sell real estate forever....create your plan to one day sell your business or simply walk away….rich.
An Accountability Plan. No plan will ever work without some good ole fashion accountantability. Your plan will include simple, effective ways to hold yourself accountable…and where to go if you need a little outside ‘kick in the rear to get back into gear’.

Lets go over the 100% Money Back Guarantee again….its important that you clearly understand that you have absolutely no risk when you invest in your Real Estate Treasure Map ©

The Real Estate Treasure Map Business and Life Plan is 100% Guaranteed with the 365 Day “Love It Or It’s Free” Guarantee. The Guarantee Works Like This…Invest The $47 Into The Turn Key System…If After 12 Months You Are Not 100% Satisfied We Will Refund 100% Of Your Money.

Why 12 Months Vs. The Usual 30 Day Guarantee? Simple, Because We Want You To Have The Entire Real Estate Treasure Map Business And Life Planning System For An Entire Year To Use To Make You Money.

There Are No Gottchas Or Small Print With this Guarantee………
YES! I Want To Create My Own Real Estate Treasure Map
YES! I Understand that The Real Estate Treasure Map © system
is only $47.
YES! I Understand That If I Am Not 100% Blown-Away Satisfied With The Real Estate Treasure Map © I Will Receive A No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee
YES! I Understand That The Entire Real Estate Treasure Map© System Will Be Delivered To Me To Download Immediately.

Listen, don’t wait to take action. Its never too late to get on the path…your very own path.

It’s perfectly normal if you are one of the millions of people who have set goals before but, never achieved them.

Heck, in this market…its ab-normal to not get your rear kicked from time to time.

And, that’s OK. Matter of fact the best way for you to truly know you are on the right path is when you are getting your backside kicked. Yes, I know that for most of us it seems like the market is kicking us in the rear nearly everyday…..

Accept this one true-ism. As long as you are willing to take action, follow a proven plan…anything is possible.

Think its too late for you….your treasure is lost for ever….

One last true story.

This one is about Colonel Sanders….you know the KFC Chicken Guy…
you probably drive past one his restarants everyday. Did you know that
he was a real man….Yes, there really was a Colonel Sanders.

Ok, its true…he wasn’t actually a Colonel. At least not of any sort of military. But, he certainly was someone who had a map…and followed it.

You will find this surprising.

Colonel Sanders…like many successful people….had a life long history of failure. Ready for this…..he didn’t actually become successful until he was in his 70’s.

He had spent his life ‘trying’ to become successful. Everyone told him that he should simply give up…pack it in…settle for being one of the 95% of all Americans that once they reach retirement is basically broke and dependent on the government…

But, he didn’t listen to them. You see, he had created and followed his own Treasure Map.

(Think selling real estate can be difficult…just think about how hard it must have been to sell people on the idea of buying chicken in a bucket!)

What can we learn from Colonel Sanders….?

Its never too late. There is no such thing as a bad time to start your plan.
This is it, this is your only go around on this beautiful big blue orb we can earth.

Maybe you have been waiting for someone or something to tell you…to give you ‘permission’ to finally live, have and do what you have always dreamed of. Maybe…just maybe….this letter…and the last few minutes you have invested reading it will be the spark that you have been hoping for.

Take action now…if not now, when?

Remember, we aren’t happy until you are. If for any reason after 12 months you are not 100% satisfied, if for any reason you are not trilled with your results, just let us know and we will give you back every dime. We have no problem making this iron-clad guarantee because we have helped thousands of fellow Realtors® over the years accomplish their goals.. We know that if you decide to take action now that this simple to follow…easy to understand Real Estate Treasure Map© will work for you as well.

Speak with you soon!

Tim and Julie Harris
Harris Real Estate University.

P.S. You don’t have to wait for the turn of the year to start your plan. You can start at anytime. The crucial thing is that you just take action now..and START.

P.P.S Don’t be confused because the price is so low. We intentionally priced this system ultra cheap so every agent could reap the rewards. At $47 no agent should be without their very own Real Estate Treasure Map©

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